Ans Art > Gallery in Arnhem

November 09 2010
There is a new gallery where my jewellery will be shown and sold:
Ans Art, a great art gallery in Arnhem.

Please take a look:

Ans Art

Jansbinnensingel 18
6811 AK Arnhem

Expo in Amsterdam > Kulter gallery

November 09 2010
The Jewellery expo in the gallery Kulter in Amsterdam will continue for a little while longer till the 5th of December. Here I will show my project Fluff Hanging By a Thread. So for all your Saint Nicolas shopping come to:


Sanderijnstraat 21, Amsterdam

Expo in Haarlem

November 09 2010
Young artist and designers are showing their projects in several shop-windows
in Haarlem from the 5th to 14th of november.

For more information:

Ontwerp op de weg

My project (Fluff Hanging By a Thread) work can be seen in the Zijlstraat 51, Haarlem

New website

November 09 2010
With great sadness I have said goodbye to my old website and introduce to you my brand new website. Please take a look around....